Internet Services

  • Firewall Support
  • Antivirus Protections
  • Cloud Services
  • VOIP (Voice Over IP) Solutions

As the gateway to your network, your firewall plays a critical part in keeping you open for business, while keeping the trash out. Our business firewall line provides increased protection against spyware and virus activities over the Internet as well as inside your network. We provide content filtering of Internet access to protect your business computing resources. M5 Networking also offers voice and data services for both analog and digital applications. We offer VOIP (Voice Over IP) telephone services that can work within your existing network to provide all the benefits of Internet phones. These enhanced phone features are provided at a lower cost, which helps your business be more competitive in any economy. And the portability of VOIP phones allows you to access your ‘office’ wherever you have a network connection.

M5 Networking can also connect you to “cloud” solutions that integrate Internet file storage, backup, application access, and more. These solutions would simplify your business’s approach to creating, saving, sharing, and accessing files.

We have found that most small businesses operate best with a ‘hybrid’ solution of local and cloud services.

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