Phoenix Haboob and the Importance of IT Services and Data Backup

Phoenix HaboobA week ago, a massive dust storm rolled through the phoenix metro area causing all kinds of problems including traffic jams, broken tree branches, dirty cars and houses and yes… power outages that lead to data loss.

The storm, now somewhat comically termed a “haboob,” began near Tucson Arizona when large gust of wind up to 70 miles per hour stirred up dry and barren farmland between Tucson and the Phoenix Metro area. It created a wall of dust and wind that stretched the entire length of the valley and lasted for more than an hour in many places.

You may ask yourself, how does this have anything to do with IT service? Well, to be quite honest, it actually has everything to do with it. Yesterday I posted an article about how every company should develop a proper disaster recovery plan. I stated that disaster can strike at any time. The Phoenix Haboob of 2011 is a prime example and proof that this is the case.

In fact, many businesses were actually affected by the haboob. A friend of mine who is a web designer in Glendale had a power outage that completely wiped out his entire hard drive containing valuable data, images and passwords for all of his clients. Because he hadn’t properly backed up his data, there was simply no going back. No matter how badly you want it to, the data cannot just magically reappear out of nowhere. Taking your hard drive to data doctors will do nothing! The only protection is prevention.

So, if you are a small business in Gilbert Arizona, it is time you started thinking about a proper data backup and recovery plan. M5 Networking offers data backup and IT services in Gilbert Arizona. Call us today for a free quote.