Benefits of Backup and Recovery Services

When your Server Crashes make sure you have out Phoenix disaster recovery

Keeping your business going can be one of the most challenging things when you face a server crash or even a natural disaster in your area.  Paying a full time employee to be on-call for these kinds of problems is costly and not very efficient, especially for smaller businesses or for non tech oriented large businesses.  That is why having a Phoenix based tech support company at your beck and call is key to preventing a calamity when disaster strikes.

Having a business continuance plan is crucial to your business, whether you have one employee or 1,000.  Knowing how to proceed if your servers fail, or something goes wrong prevents your business from looking unprofessional and helps create a seamless customer experience.  Your disaster recovery plan should be strategic and have plans for various scenarios, from a server crashing, or even the power failing.

Here are some key benefits to having backup and recovery services for your business, large or small.

  • Minimize downtime.  Downtime is a profit’s worst nightmare.  We get to work right away recovering your systems.  The solution can be identified as quickly as possible and back up and running so you can get back to making money for your business.
  • Keep your system and its backup up to date.  Our solutions continuously take snapshots of your systems, which means when you do get back up and running, you do not have to update to a more complete version, or try to recreate what you had.  Your system gets updated to the most current version, identical to your prior work station.  This prevents confusion and frustrations getting back to work as all of your most important items are right where you left them.
  • Cloud storage.  This enables you to access your information from anywhere, even if a storm or flood invades your office space.  You and your employees can continue working remotely, making your business stay on track and prevent customers or clients from even knowing there is any kind of issue going on behind the scenes.

No matter your business needs, we have a customized solution to keep your business going seamlessly and without interruption.  Please contact us for information on preventing a disaster in your business.